It’s all about making music

I had the good fortune of participating in the week long Crown Guitar Fest in Bigfork, Montana at the Flathead Lake Lodge for five years running!

It was an amazing experience! I likened it to being in Guitar Camp for a solid week. From early morning to late at night it was guitars of all kinds, and guitar players of all kinds! A total blast in a stunningly beautiful setting with an incredibly friendly vibe.

All of the musicians including the top performing artists and their quests, the workshop instructors, and fellow students were open to sharing all things guitar.

Playing til your fingers hurt

Even though it was a total blast, it was also an intense and tiring week. Getting up at the crack of dawn, taking a quick shower, and hitting the road to make it to the lodge for breakfast with the other guitarists.

Then to your chosen guitar workshop for an intimate session with your instructor and guests. The sessions get more complex as the week progresses, and you also practice something to perform live on the main stage towards the end of the week.

A camaraderie with your fellow class mates develops. Spontaneous guitar sessions happen for practice or fun. The afternoons are filled with elective presentations, and master classes held by the top performing artists.

Every night there is a live concert in a huge tent in a beautiful meadow with a different line up of artists playsing each night spanning a wide range of guitar styles of music.

After the concert is over, you can join other guitar players for spontaneous late night jam sessions.

You get home late at night, wind down a little, crash, and get up the next morning to do it all over again! By the end of the week you are sad that it is ending but glad that it is over.

“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”