Videos and Songs

John Raymond Webster

Cup-O-Joe & The Buffalo Videos

Videos of Cup-O-Joe & The Buffalo performing at the Tailing Loop Winery in Kallispell, Montana.
For some of the tunes we were accompanied by Will, off camera on keyboards.

Things Have Changed


Early Morning Rain

Crown Guitar Fest Videos

Videos of Buffalo John performing at the Crown Guitar Fest in Bigfork, Montana.
I was a participant in the Crown Guitar Fest for 5 years from 2012–2016
when it was held at the Flathead Lake Lodge. It was an awesome experience!

Green River – Tobias Hurwitz‘s Advanced Rock Workshop

Freeway Jam – Jeff McErlain’s Advanced Rock & Blues Workshop

Rogaine (based on Cocaine) – Doug Smith’s Americana Workshop

BAND444 & JCL Trio Videos

Videos of the BAND444 at the Crown Guitar Fest Summer Guitar Celebration
held at the Flathead Lake Brewing Co. – and at the Sitting Duck in Bigfork, MT.
The BAND444 consisted of Chad Leslie, Ayesha Ashley, and Buffalo John.

BAND444 – If It Hadn’t Been For Love at The Sitting Duck, Bigfork, MT

BAND444 Opening at the Crown Guitar Fest Summer Celebration

JCL Trio at the Garden Bar in Bigfork MT. for the Crown Kick Off

Buffalo John’s Music

Roam Free – Make Music

Recordings of my performances, jam sessions, or studio recordings.

I recorded this demo of Milkyway Highway in my first home studio years ago. It’s an original song that I co-wrote with Geraldine Connolly, an accomplished poet. Gerry wrote the poetic lyrics… I played all the instruments and sang.

Life is a Song!

I’ve got a serious addiction to music. As long as I am alive and kicking I will keep enjoying music. It’s one of the spices of life! Listening to music, playing music, making music, it’s all music to my ears!

I aspire to play more music live with my various band configurations as the opportunities provide. Have guitar and will travel. I love the spontaneity of playing music live with other musicians that share my passion.

The Flathead Valley in Montana is loaded with amazing musicians and music of all kinds flows freely like the pure waters that flow down from the mountains surrounding this beautiful valley.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”